2 Phoenix residents are behind bars after authorities found twenty ounces of crystal meth in their vehicle after a traffic stop. Arizona has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to methamphetamine possession as we recently covered in our last post. The meth that was found in vehicle is estimated to be valued at over $56,000 according to police. Both suspects are being held on “suspicion of transportation of dangerous drugs”,” possession of dangerous drugs for sale” and “possession of dangerous drugs”. Currently a bond has been set at $25k a piece.

The possession of a dangerous drug in Arizona brings with it a class 4 felony charge. That charge may lessened if the suspects have never been arrested for a felony before but that decision is up to the judge. The usual prison sentence for a class 4 felony is two years but with the added charges of transportation of a dangerous drug and possession of a dangerous drug for sale, the suspects may be looking at a lot more than two years if convicted.