Information about Arizona’s Assault Laws

Many people are under the common misconception that assault constitutes a physical altercation between two individuals, but did you know that a threatening remark or unsolicited touching can also be considered assault under Arizona law?

There are many different types of assault cases including misdemeanor assault, assault involving weapons, felony assault, resisting of an officer during arrest or while under the influence or the inappropriate touching of a child, teacher or prosecutor. You can even be charged for assault if you participate in a home invasion or in the display of road rage.

Assault cases are elevated to aggravated assault if you cause a serious injury, were driving under the influence causing harm to another, by assaulting a minor under the age of 15 or brandishing or using a weapon with the intent to harm or instill fear of bodily injury.

There are a couple of common defenses used in assault cases, these are: self defense and the defense of another person. It must be proven in court that the person facing criminal charges was under the belief that they or someone else were in immediate danger that forced them to act in self defense. When a experienced attorney examines the facts of a case they may be able to find unsubstantial evidence or conflicting facts of witness’ testimonial, deeming the evidence unreliable.

If you or someone you love has been charged with assault, these charges should be taken very seriously. A misdemeanor or felony can mean high fines, lost job opportunities, restriction of movement and even jail time. It is important that you contact a Arizona criminal defense attorney immediately to begin building your case.